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PSbet - 4D Malaysia Online Betting

PSBet - Provide 4D results, all 4D lotterie games Malaysia (Magnum 4D, Damacai, Toto 4D, Singapore Pools, Sabah, Sarawak, Sandakan)

Never had any luck winning the lottery? Here is your chance to win big money with 4D Lotteries. Unlike traditional lotteries where the odds are heavily stacked against the player,4D lotteries have much betters odds of winning since they allow the player to reap the rewards by choosing few numbers.

4D lotteries only go up to 1000 and players choose one number from 1 to 1000. Enjoy Your highest payout in this market!

Payout table as below : -

4D (Ticket Price RM1)

1st Prize RM2,500 + RM900 (Extra Bonus)
2nd Prize RM1,000 + RM200 (Extra Bonus)
3rd Prize RM500 + RM100 (Extra Bonus)
Special Prize RM200 + RM50 (Extra Bonus)
Consolation Prize RM60 + RM20 (Extra Bonus)
1st Prize RM3,500 + RM1,300 (Extra Bonus)
2nd Prize RM2,000 + RM400 (Extra Bonus)
3rd Prize RM1,000 + RM200 (Extra Bonus)
4A RM6,000 + RM2,000 (Extra Bonus)

3D (Ticket Price RM1)

1st Prize RM215 + RM65 (Extra Bonus)
2nd Prize RM215 + RM65 (Extra Bonus)
3rd Prize RM215 + RM65 (Extra Bonus)
3A RM645 + RM195 (Extra Bonus)

5D/6D (Ticket Price RM1)

Prize Amount
Prize Amount
1st Prize RM15,000 1st Prize RM100,000
2nd Prize RM5,000 2nd Prize RM3,000
3rd Prize RM3,000 3rd Prize RM300
4th Prize RM500 4th Prize RM30
5th Prize RM20 5th Prize RM4
6th Prize RM5

Buying 4d Malaysia lottery tickets online was not possible for anyone outside the country until a few years ago. The old rules stated that only a Malaysian citizen, residing within the country’s borders would be eligible to buy such a lottery and stand a chance at winning the jackpot. Also, the concept of playing the online lottery by buying lottery tickets online was also an unpopular notion until a few years ago. But with the betterment and advancement of technology, the scenario has seen a complete face turn. Malaysia 4D tickets can nowadays be purchased online quite easily, and people have started to trust these online lotteries, as their payout history is considerably on the positive side. Using ticketing agents such as PSbet, Abs33, etc., it has become extremely easy for international users to purchase Malaysia 4D tickets from any part of the world. It only takes a few clicks and a credit card for an individual to purchase the 4D ticket and he or she can keep their fingers crossed for winning the jackpot, right from the comfort of their home, while waiting for 4d result.

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